You already know Python and you want to move forward and acquire new skills. Selenium is the most popular, free, and open-source automated testing suite for Web User Interfaces. Its tool suite provides automated testing for all types of web applications. This is the seminar you were waiting for! It includes two meetings. The training material was developed in English. This seminar will be delivered in Hebrew.  

Cutting Edge

We continuously research and update our training material in order to provide our clients with a premium up-to-date training service.

Small Classes

We deliver our training services in small classes (10 students max!) and we use luxurious intimate meeting rooms.

Video Clips

We capture every meeting on video in order to allow our students to go over the material long after the training ends.

Remote Learning

We use a platform that allows our students to see the teacher's screen, hear his explanations and ask questions!

Premium Training Services
Boost your Success

We do our best to assist our students. Your success is ours! This is our business model. We will do everything we can in order to ensure our service is a premium one.  


Our Team

We work very hard every day of the week. We continuously learn and evolve in order to assist our clients keeping up with today newest software development technologies. 

Cutting Edge Seminars in Python

Multithreading in Python

Learn how to develop multi-threaded and multi-processes applications and learn how to exploit your hardware.

Design Patterns in Python

Learn how to implement classic Design Patterns using the Python programming language.

Django Jump Start

Learn how to develop the server-side of web applications using the Python programming language.

Python & MongoDB

Learn how to develop applications that use the MongoDB no-sql document oriented database.

Func. Programming in Python

Learn how to implement the Functional Programming paradigm in the code you write in Python.

Object Oriented Programming

Learn how to develop object oriented applications using the Python programming language.

This is a nice image describing a network

Selenium Basics in Python

Learn how to automate web browser based applications' quality assurance testing.

this is a nice image showing a network.. city view.. relevant for cyber

Python Cyber Libraries

Become familiar with some of the most popular Python libraries in the cyber domain.

Python ML Banner

Machine Learning in Python

Become familiar with the very basics in Machine Learning. The best training to start with.

Python [Free] Professional Groups

Python Programming Courses

Check out our premium professional courses for learning Python. We deliver three courses. The first is a long one, that includes 18 weekly (18:00-22:00) meetings (90 academic hours in total). The second is a shorter one, that includes 5 full-day (09:00-17:00) meetings. 

In addition, we deliver a one day (Jump Start Seminar) for learning Python. Specifically for those who are already well experienced in software development. This short course (seminar) includes 8 academic hours taking place during the working hours. Lunch is included.

Python [Free] Meetups

We continuously deliver free professional meetups. Those meetups usually take place in Tel-Aviv area and in most cases they are delivered in Hebrew. Some of the meetups we deliver cover topics in Python. Join our free professional meetup group and stay updated about our coming meetups. 

The Israeli [Free] Guide for Python

Check out our Israeli guide for learning Python at Within the ‘סרטונים’ you will find multiple short video clips in Hebrew that explain various specific topics in Python.